How to use Transpring A3-C vape cartridge?

Update Time:2017-12-05

As Transpring third-generation technology, A3-C vape cartridge has been much favored by our clients since launch. To help you use the cartridge, we prepared filling instruction for you as below. It is not hard, but we still hope this would help.

1. Screw off the mouthpiece.

2. Carefully inject oil along the inside wall tube by hand or filling machine.

3. Screw back the mouthpiece by hand or cap machine.

4. After filling, keep the cartridge upside down for at least 12 hours, which reduces the leaking rate significantly.

Tips: 1. Avoid dropping and heavy pressing.

        2. Stored between 0°C~40°C, avoid direct sunlight. (≥ 40°C, keep the cartridge upside down .)

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