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Transpring Monthly Culture Assessment

Issue Time:2017-07-15

Over more than 10 years' development, Transpring has been a company with rich and unique culture system. Among which, the monthly culture assessment has been a routine.

It is more like a research for Transpring to know its employees' feelings and needs. Here you can write whatever you think on this tiny paper, no matter reflections or suggestions. You can make suggestions on your own position, your department or the whole company. Our CEO Frank Chen will go through these papers one by one. The suggestions that are taken by the company will be offered cash rewards, RMB50-200 according to the quality.

Employees first, customers second, shareholders third has been the business philosophy of Transpring for years. We hope that everyone who has been one of us can be taken good care of. We will keep on this cultural endurance and hope that more and more people know about Transpring and like our unique culture.

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