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Transpring MIX2 Manual-automatic Preheating Battery

Issue Time:2017-11-27

Transpring MIX2 battery has been the most stylish one among Transpring other products since launch. As a preheating battery, it not only shines outside but also performs fantastically inside. 

With charming design and high quality, we applied utility patent for MIX2 preheat battery for the sensor touch design and instruction. Patent No. 201520525024.9, you can check it for real.

As a preheating battery, Transpring MIX2 vape battery can preheat your cartridge quickly within 15 seconds and assures a pure taste.

Besides preheating function, Transpring MIX2 vape battery is also voltage adjustable, 3 outputting voltages in total. Simply 3 slight touches on the bottom to change voltages when the battery is on. Green light indicates 2.4V, blue light indicates 3.2V, and violet indicates 4.0V.

What's more, Transpring MIX2 vape battery has battery power display function. The green light indicates that your battery is in good power state. If it is yellow light, then you should be careful and get ready for charging. If the light indicates red, please charge immediately in case it affects your happy vaping.

Talking about charging, Transpring MIX2 preheat battery support quick charging perfectly. With Transpring C1 and C2 quick charger, you can continue enjoying your vaping with only 40 minutes' charging.

For using, Transpring MIX2 vape battery can be easily operated. 5 touches to turn on and off and 3 touches to adjust voltages, same as other Transpring vape batteries. What's different is that you need to touch 4 times to start preheating. 

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